Forget festive jumpers…its all about festive accessories!!

Christmas is edging closer and the  MLPR office is getting excited for the festive break!

While our grandparents are no doubt busy knitting festive jumpers, we have other ideas of Christmas trends we would prefer to don. There are numerous items on our wish lists this year. Rather than clothing we want accessories, whether it includes reindeers, snowflakes or penguins; it is all about the accessories!

Wilbur and Gussie is the perfect brand to satisfy our desires and to put on our wish lists. Their bags for each season are perfectly portrayed with their bold brooches on the front. Especially for the Christmas season, Wilbur and Gussie have created a bag with a snowflake on the front! While we are coveting the new style, Grazia’s Charlie Miller also thinks the ”hot clutch” should be on every girls wish list!

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