Get your weapons of moth destruction ready – moth season is about to start!


If like me you treasure your clothes to the point where you don’t want to throw any items away, but would rather store them, then Total Wardrobe Care have a selection of genius ways to keep pesky moths at bay and away from your precious knitwear and have some great storage solutions too!

 As we slowly begin to say goodbye to our winter knits and cashmeres we can’t help but worry about what condition they’ll be in next time round.  March is a key time to start moth prevention and luxurious clothing storage and care company Total Wardrobe Care specialise in everything from organic and sweet smelling moth repellents, clothing storage solutions to a bespoke wardrobe detox service.

Organic moth repellents incorporate key ingredients such as lavender, laurel, rosemary and Yay-Chang to create an aroma which to our noses is heaven but moths hate.  Cotton cashmere storage bags and garment bags, space maximising coat-hangers and new shoe boxes are also available.  ‘The Wardrobe’ Storage Space is light, airy, temperature controlled, lavender fragranced, bug free, damp free and fully alarmed.  A fashionistas heaven, your clothes would be safely stored in mothproof breathable, washable garment bags until you need them again leaving more room in your own wardrobe.  An itemised list is made of your garments so there’s no need to worry about losing or misplacing anything.

Total Wardrobe Care also have a luxury Moth Removal service on offer where a team of moth busters will come into your wardrobes to de-moth the place so your clothes and furniture will once again be safe!  Prices start at £400 per day excluding dry-cleaning costs and products, which yes it is rather pricey but worth it in the long run!


The Natural Anti-Moth Hanging Sachet and Drawer Sachet both come with essential oils and smell absolutely divine!  My clothes smell like fresh lavender without being too overpowering.  The Laundry Liquid has the same effect – my clothes smell gorgeous! It is a non-biological liquid and contains organic aloe vera and rosemary oil making it delicate enough for your knitwear.  To help keep your woollen clothing, including cashmere, free from annoying fuzz then the Knitwear Comb is the perfect solution.  It comes in a small pretty organza bag and is gentle but thorough when it comes to de-fuzzing your garments.  With all these products being affordable too, they are well worth investing in ladies!

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