Maison Lejaby

Maison Lejaby, established in 1884, is the leading French lingerie brand, and 2014 sees the company celebrate 130 years.

The brand has a fascinating heritage, which illustrates the evolution of lingerie.  From petticoats, corsets and briefs to the launch of swimwear in the 1920.  In the 1930s their designer Gaby Blanchard developed the first bra, named ‘La Gaby’ which was a huge success and remains as a core style today. By the 1950s new technologies such as Nylon were available and the demand for feminine elegance continued to grow.    The brand secured the exclusive rights to Lycra in 1965 and the first Lycra bra which went onto sell over 3 million units.  Throughout the remaining decades of the 1990s, Lejaby continued to be at the forefront of innovation in terms of design and fabrics.

2012 saw Lejaby re-branded as Maison Lejaby, drawing on the French couture spirit which is at the heart of its heritage.  The brand now has a salon on the Rue Royale in Paris and offers Haute Couture, which represents the very essence of French luxury.

2014 sees the opening of pop-shops at Rigby & Peller in April, to celebrate 130 years, customers will be able to experience the heritage of the brand with an fascinating exhibition of their vintage designs & advertising posters.