Alexandra Miro joins Red Smart Women discussion

Following on from the Red Magazine feature on Instagrammer’s and their brands, Alexandra Miro was invited to join a panel of entrepreneurs to discuss how they have build their Instagram channels.  It was an inspiring evening with Holly Anna Scarsella from Pampelone, Rae Feather,  Yosuki, founder of the hat brand and Jo Tutchener-Sharp, founder of children’s brand Scamp & Dude.

I’ve pulled together some top line tips I gleaned from their experience:

  1. Social media is about being social.  People want to be your friend so make yourself approachable.
  2. If your are a brand it is important to create a personality which is mirrored in your Instagram.   Customers buy into brands that have stories that resonate. Have personality and be authentic.
  3. Evaluate what you are doing through google analytics.  You can see your traffic, where it comes from  and best time to post.
  4. Don’t forget your personal network – get your friends so share what you are doing.  People want to help each other
  5. Collaborate with like minded brands and people.  When you support others, you always get it back!

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Alexandra Miro in Red Magazine

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