Instagram fashion influencers over 50 you need to follow

This year’s top Instagram fashion influencers over 50

Instagram fashion influencers over 50
Over 50 fashion influencer, MrsMLMode (that’s me!)

Traditionally underrepresented by the media, the 50 somethings are trailing a blaze on the gram.  From polished style and statement looks to speaking out on issues that matter – the menopause, the glass ceiling, the pay-gap, discrimination – this dynamic, clever generation now has a voice. Please meet the Instagram fashion Influencers over 50.

When I hit 50, I co-founded The F Club, with my bestie and journalist Jane Druker.  Here we chat age, fashion, fun, beauty and sex.  At the same time, the irreverent The Midult launched. Meg Matthew’s began her Menopause campaign and the fashion industry woke up to the fact that these baby boomers had time and money to shop.     

In celebration of the F Club’s 3rd anniversary, I’m sharing some of my favourite fashion influencers to check out on Instagram.  

I hope you enjoy, love Marie Louise x

Top fashion influencers over 50 to follow on Instagram

Here are a few Instagram fashion influencers to check out. They are in no particular order. Scroll down to discover why their content is so engaging, interesting and fun to follow.

1. MrsMLMode

2. Chic Over 50

3. Angelique Miles

4. Bag & a Beret

5. Colleen Heidemann

6. Joani Johnson 600

7. Fashion Should be Fun

8. Grece Ghanem

9. Vens Wife Style

10. Mrs Goldpoison

11. Hill House Vintage

12. Yasmin Furmie

13. Brigitte Marie Foret

Scroll down to read more about each of these fashion infuencers’ profiles.

1. MrsMLMode    

Instagram fashion influencers over 50
Snapshot of my over 50 fashion Instagram profile, MrsMLMode

First up. Me! I’m a fashion PR and decided to try my hand at sharing outfit posts about three years ago. I love a blazer, pair of jeans and a designer bag. My favourite labels are Ganni, The Vampires Wife, Essentiel Antwerp, Eberjey and Daily Sleeper. You’ll find workwear inspiration and city living style, plus lots of beauty and wellness tips as I’m a contributor to Get The Gloss. Plus, I’m an Instagram coach and share lots of insights and tips on my stories.  (If you need any help with your IG see more details here).

2. Chic Over 50

I was lucky to meet Shauna Robertson in Nashville last year for the cabi clothing FW19 fashion launch.  Based in Salt Lake City, her posts are high energy and fun. Her signature pixie haircut and colourful outfits have built her a following of almost 100,000k on Instagram. She is the ultimate #ladyboss with her sassy style and sassy attitude. 

3. Angelique Miles

This fabulous fitness model is “living her best life at 50+” as she puts it. She has an incredible physique, radiant skin and shares her healthy lifestyle tips from self-love, nutrition to workouts. 

Her Instagram feed – where she has more than 49k followers – shows pics of her pre, during and post-workout.

4. Bag and a Beret

Melanie is a Vancouver-based artist, and fashion provocateur who plays dress-up with mood and a great attitude. You will find eclectic styling of modern and vintage pieces and some excellent OOTD pics. She can pull everything off from rock chic to retro plaid and androgynous style. Great personality, unlikely print pairings and Diane Keaton-esque menswear. Follow for great fashion and lots of fun.

5. Colleen Heidemann

Colleen Heidemann is a fabulous role model. Her signature bouffant grey hair, elegant style and inimitable style is always an inspiration. She is a model continually breaking the moulds and stereotypes, and creates some of the most inspiring content on the gram. Based in California you will get great hair, great make-up and always statement style.

6. Joanijohnson600

Joani Johnson Instagram profile
Joani Johnson

Joani Johnson is a model and jewellery designer – you might have spotted her in the recent Rihanna’s Fenty campaign. Her signature cascade of silver hair, cool and quirky designer outfits and serene energy is a winning combination for me. Plus, you get to a glimpse at New York’s street. Follow her for behind the scenes modelling shoots and some great life insights and advice.

7. Fashion Should Be Fun

Californian based, Dawn Lucy, celebrates #ageless style and is all about body positive and age positive content. She’s a high school English teacher, a wife and the mum of dogs. Her Instagram feed is full of easy to wear outfit ideas. Lots of denim, statement tees and ankle boots. Pictured daily as she shares her San Jose lifestyle.

8. Grece Ghanem

Cool and edgy is Grece’s USP. Plus, her silver bobbed hair and glorious bone structure. She’s a personal trainer based in Montreal and her stunning fashion magazine ready content has built her a global fan base with over 400k followers. Apparently, it was her daughter (and chief photographer) who persuaded her to share her cool and edgy style on Instagram. I personally love her collection of sunglasses and statement earrings.

9. Vens Wife Style

Renata, founder of Vens Wife Style, is one of my favourite accounts to follow. She’s based in Newcastle, UK and is an #ageism fighter! She wears the coolest designer labels and there’s a cool, minimal aesthetic to her content creation. She’s adventurous with her outfits and not afraid of the latest trends. As she put it, “I would describe my style as timeless, classic with masculine elements combined with the newest, hottest trends.”       

10. Mrs Goldpoison

A beautiful mother of two, Mrs Goldpoison’s mantra is “style with attitude”. Here you will find chic elegance, classic attire and lots of inspirational looks. Labels are designer including Valentino and Versace and the creative vibe is 50s movie star. I love her account for some designer escapism. She’s also a talented painter. 

11. Hill House Vintage

Hill House Vintage Instagram profile
Hill House Vintage

Paula’s beautiful fashion content is super chic and understated. Think Grace Kelly living in Norfolk.  This ex-model and fashion editor has a great sense of style and has the most glorious Georgian home. Her style is flamboyant and fun, with a nod to 1950s styling.

12. Yasmin Furmie

“Life is too short. Do what you want, do what you like and never act your age!” I love Yasmin’s motto.   I love her style too, which is confident, cool, quirky and on-trend. You’ll find editorial type imagery, statement accessories (especially shoes), and an upbeat energy. 

13. Brigitte Marie Foret

Love this sassy Texas lady’s style. Brig’s Instagram feed is full of colour and great statement looks.  Super chic and always, as she puts it, “wearing her Sunday best.”  You’ll get daily outfits shot in and around Corpus Christi in Texas. There’s lots of great beauty advice too. 

Want to work with Instagram fashion influencers over 50?

If your brand is looking to work with Instagram fashion influencers over 50, here are some top tips for creating an effective influencer strategy:

  • Do your research before approaching anyone. Make sure your brand and the influencer aligns in terms of audience and the influencers aesthetic. There’s no point pitching ditsy florals to a content creator that’a all about laid back style. Also look at what other brands they have worked with. If you are designer brand, influencers that work with high-street brands might not have the right following.
  • How to contact an influencer? Most influencers will have an email address on their Instagram profile page. Email them for the first point of contact, and then send a DM on Instagram to let them know your email is in their inbox. If you don’t hear back, give them a little nudge, or comment on their post suggesting they check their DM.
  • Ask to see the Instagram influencer’s media pack to check out their audience and demographics. You can also check out their authenticity for free on Social Blade, which shows engagement and growth rates. If an influencer has a wildly fluctuating following this could be a sign that they have bought followers.
  • Do you have a specific region you want to target? The majority of the big influencers will have a massive global following. You will be wasting precious budget if your brand is only available to the UK customer. If you are only available in the UK, make sure you work with influencers who promote UK-only and ‘made in the UK’ brands.
  • Check their social footprint. Google them. See what other brands they’ve worked with and whether they’ve received any press coverage. Many businesses forget to do this before approaching an influencer but it can give you some great insights into how to approach them and work with them.
  • How to manage budgets and payments. If you only have the budget to gift one of your items, then set up an affiliate scheme that offers the influencer a kick back on any sales they generate through their channels. Big influencers will expect some form of payment, so ask for their rate card before you approach the budget conversation.
  • The influencer owns all of their images. Always remember that unless you have an agreement in advance, the influencer owns the pictures they create. Do not use their imagery without asking permission. Especially sponsored posts.
  • Check out friendship groups among influencers. If you are planning a trip or an event where you want to invite influencers, it’s always great to invite their existing friends as it’s always more fun for them. Their friends may have their own Instagram channels and are likely to help spread your brand’s message through word of mouth too.
  • Ensure your campaign is diverse and inclusive. There are some great features here to find some inspirational content creators. Vogue UK Vogue PopSugar Refinery29
  • Be upfront about your expectations. Influencers understand by accepting a gift there will be deliverables against it. It’s best to be clear from the start, rather than disappointed by the results. Also suggest a time frame for the influencer to post about your product, so you’re not waiting too long. Remember many of these influencers will be inundated with brands contacting them and sometimes it can be overwhelming, so be kind and patient.
  • Put a contract in place. And don’t forget to ask influencers for any case-studies of brand they have worked with, showcasing their results. From sales generation, views, new followers and impressions.

Work with me…

If you’re looking to raise awareness to the 40+ professional woman in the UK please get in touch. Not only have I collaborated with many businesses to promote their brands to my own 22k+ @MrsMLMode followers, but I also work with brands to guide them on working with influencers on Instagram.

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That’s the end of this week’s show folks!

I really hope you enjoyed my selection of top over 50 fashion influencers to follow on Instagram this year. This however is only the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of inspirational 50-something and beyond women to follow. Want to know more? Have a read of this great article in Who What Wear.

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