Expert Instagram Training, Workshops and Consultancy

How to nail Instagram for your business!   Our tried and tested Instagram workshops are led communications expert and Instagram fashion influencer Marie Louise Pumfrey AKA @MrsMLMode .

These are bespoke coaching programmes for 1 - 3 people.  Please contact Marie Louise for more info on  

What you will learn at our Instagram for business training 

Getting the foundations in place 

  • How to optimise Instagram for and make it deliver for your business
  • Setting business goals
  • Getting the right profile and how to optimise it
  • The feed and content creation
  • Posting, the art of the caption and scheduling
  • How to find your audience on Instagram
  • Hashtags

Growth, content, stories, Reels and beyond

  • Instagram story strategy & how to grow
  • How to create Reels
  • Collaborations and working with influencers and brands
  • Instagram Live - hosting and collaborating
  • IGTV - best practice, apps and how to ...
  • Understanding IG explore and how to get in there
  • Reel - Content creation, sharing and why its important

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Content Creation & Reels training workshops

If you are baffled by Instagram Reels do get in touch.  Our new content creation training Reels workshop will give you all the skills to fun, business focused videos designed to support your business on Instagram.

  • How to shoot and create a reel
  • Transition, text on screen, music and special effects
  • Planning, preparation and story-telling
  • Trending music.  How to be strategic with your music choice
  • Editing - insider tricks on how to cut the content and go-viral
  • Posting, hashtags
  • Video editing with Inshot
  • Workshop two reel practical exercises
  • How to go viral - clickbait, call to action and insider tips .

Small group sessions of 3 people are 3 hours long, followed by lunch.   Costs £150 per person

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 Would highly recommend this for anyone interested – 3hrs well spent! 

Belinda Roberston cashmere