Instagram Training | MLPR | Anita Feron Clark

Anita Feron Clark

“I had a one-to-one Instagram training session for three hours with Marie Louise. I felt, after being on Instagram for over a year, I needed specific training targeting my business, my brand and my profile. The training was invaluable and thorough. Marie Louise really drilled down to the specifics about what I needed to do more of to grow organically and what I needed to spend less time on. Basically how to ‘work smarter’ and where to focus my time and effort. Since the training, I am spending more time daily on IG (between 2-3 hours), but I am seeing steady growth, more engagement and greater reach. Thank you so much ML for helping me understand how IG is such a valuable tool for reaching out to new clients for personal and corporate styling. I think @feronclarkstyle is going to go from strength to strength.” Anita Feron Clark @feronclarkstyle