Pistol Panties

MLPR for over 2 years have surpassed all our expectations as a PR company. What I love most about Marie-Louise is that she is very upfront from the start about what she can achieve for you and what she can’t. From my past experiences with PR companies, they can promise you the world which often leads to disspointment. Marie-Louise has always delivered what she promised-and more.

The team are such a delight to work with, they are very organised and efficient and very understanding with how hectic small companies are and work with you accordingly. They are extremely good at positioning your brand in the right places and are sensitive about how your brand is percieved. Its not just sending receiving samples with them , its constant progress and new ideas’, and they are always thinking ‘outside the box’.

We have had outstanding Press with them as well as very successful launches over the last 2 years. I highly recommend them as a PR company for a businesses who want a very high-quality bespoke service.