Brazelle – a great new accessory to flaunt

London PR, Brazelle

We think The Handbook captured exactly what Brazelle is about –  See below

“With the underwear as outerwear trend creeping into our wardrobes by degrees and hopefully even making the transition onto our bodies if it ever stops snowing, we’ve found a great new accessory to flaunt once the temperature rises.

The brazelle is the perfect way to combine jewellery and lingerie in one fell swoop.

Up until now, disguising or doing away with the bra strap altogether has been a constant dilemma but the brazelle is makes a virtue out of that age old problem.

The pioneering device comprises a glamorous silk strap featuring swarovski crystals and murano glass which can be teamed with any strapless bra or bustier to devastating effect.

The luxury line starts at £147 but diffusion range, B by Brazelle is coming at us in April and retails for under £45 including a neutral strapless bra – padded versions are available too for that bit of extra oomph.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it!”

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