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Once a month or so, we are going to be talking to different editors to dig out some interesting & insider knowledge.  First up is Jane Druker, the editor of Healthy Magazine.  Jane’s career spans London, New York and  Sydney and positions have included Fashion Features Editor on You, Health Editor on Grazia and Beauty Editor on Australian Vogue.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am working on the cover of the May/June issue of Healthy – each one has to be special so getting a crack team of photographer, stylist, talent (either model or celeb or chef) and hair and make-up in uppermost in my mind right now.

What is the best ways for PRs to pitch a story?

The best way for PR’s to pitch is definitely email first, I find telephone pitches irritating because you don’t have the information to hand

How many emails do you get a day and can you read them all?

I get approximately 80-100 emails a day.  I skim read everything except those that go straight in my junk mail, any copy I have to read I print out. I only spot errors in printed matter rather than that on screen.

Any tips on what PRs should avoid doing?

Pr’s shouldn’t call me – unless they are inviting me to a spa trip in New York/Rajastan/other!

Best invite you have ever received?

Best invites are usually travel related – a trip to Cuba and Jamaica was a particular favourite

Best press day you have attended?

Hmmmm….fraid they all segue into one

What is your wish list item for this season

Celine handbag, classic nude Louboutin courts

Best PR gift

– Chanel camelia corsage – Christmas pressie when I was beauty editor of Vogue circa 1995 and a gold Jimmy Choo evening clutch 2006

Top Press trip

Cuba/Jamaica(see above) – danced, drank, travelled and laughed….a lot!

Top tip to make a story catch your eye?

It has to be TAILORED…to my magazine. It’s hopeless when PR’s don’t know the product they are selling to. So, read the magazine and suggest a regular slot your story could fit into. Do your homework!

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