The Ups and Downs

Ups: Wow, what a week we had last week so I am late writing our little review.  It was press day week which is always a huge deal and an enormous amount of work.  This year we decided to collaborate with Iroquois PR to help out the journalists and show even more gorgeous collections under one roof.  The plan was inspired and we had almost 100 editors turning up.   We held it right on Hanover Square which was strategically successful & it was a whirlwind of appointments, non-stop.  Phew – lots to follow up on.

Ups: Loving You Magazine.  Last Sunday they featured three of your clients.   A full page of the wardrobe mistress Julia Dee and her anti-moth munching natural products –   Orit’s must have necklaces by Shiri, and lush, patent leather handbag by

Ups:  Designer Alterations has just launched a new cashmere care service, which is super specialist and will return moth eaten, bobbly woolly favourites to their original shop bought glory.  Better to save than spend these days.

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