Check out InStyle's Blog on Tatty Devine Branding!

It came as a lovely surprise when our old intern Robyn Munson, whilst freelancing at Instyle recently, did a fabulous blog post on the Tatty Devine pop up workshop in Selfridges. Having set up their own laser cutting machine to make their name necklaces on the spot, the stand become a massive success. Robyn got her own name made up in a sequence of styles and colours and has since had a flurry of compliments which is what we like to here! Although the pop up is now finished Tatty are still making their iconic name necklaces from their studio in East London. Order yours now from . If branding your name across your chest isn’t your bag then why not get your favourite person’s name or most used word? OMG and Reem have become rather popular of late…

Here is the link to the post:

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