It's great to be a Brit – illuminating & entertaining talks by @walpole

With all the great and good here in London, MLPR managed an invite to a fascinating and entertaining press briefing yesterday at the new London Media Centre talks to the international media here for the Olympics.

First up was an impressive panel from Walpole, the British luxury industry organisation.

A buoyant and enthusiatic mood was shared by the CEOs of Walpole British luxury brands such as Boodles, The Maybourne Group and Vertu.   Thanks to the global inpact of The Royal Wedding, The Jubilee and now the Olympics, overseas visitors and shoppers are up 40%.

And now, post the triumphant opening ceremony, our grumbling spirits have lifted with pride and celebrations over our cool, creative and innovative heritage. All this good energy is contagious.  Apparently according to Visit Britain, London has now become a key honeymoon destination for the Chinese, so the Royals are certainly doing their bit to pull us out of the scary sounding ‘triple’ dip recession.

So fear not, eventhough it might be abit quiet in the West End right now, a steady influx of international guests is sure to follow, as London is now firmly on the holiday destination map.