How brands can work with bloggers

This week I was invited to join a discussion at Pure London with the stylist and blogger Alex Light and Mary Morgan, owner of Ilu Fitwear to talk about how best brands can work with bloggers.   It was really well received and I thought I’d share some of the insights that came through and also a video of the event so you can see us in action!

Do get in touch with me if you have any questions on this topic – thanks so much, Marie Louise (

  1. Research the right influencer for your brand – look at their following, location, content and engagement.   If its a match, then make your email pitch friendly and sociable.
  2. If you have no budget and are offering a gift then be mindful of your approach.  Demanding X, Y & Z might not be that well received.
  3. Be sociable.  Relationships build over time – engage and have fun, after all it is ‘social media’
  4. Like to Know it, affiliate schemes and special shopping codes are great ways of giving influencers an income – ask which one might work for them
  5. Be clear on what you want to achieve – is it followers, brand awareness or sales and choose the most effective social channel to meet the objectives.

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