Instagram training! Learn how to make ‘The Gram’ work for your business

“The most important thing in Instagram and in life, is to know who you are and stay true to that”, DVF

In January I invited a group of friends to try out a new Instagram training clinic concept I’d developed.  It was a mixed group.  A TV news reporter, an editor, fashion branding consultant, a spiritual healer and a chef.  The Instagram whirlwind was in full pelt, and all of them needed a straightforward and strategic training programme, which could easily be applied to all businesses and professions.  The reception was unanimous.  It was great.

And so the ‘InstaClinics’ training programme was born, which sits alongside my communications consultancy.   Word of mouth quickly spread & the response for the three hours, Instagram for business sessions is always rapturous.

As an active ‘player’ on Instagram (@MrsMLMode) the training session is packed full of the latest insights to success and best practice.  I first got the Insta-bug over 18 months ago when I re-branded my account as @MrsMLMode.  My mission was to understand how the Instagram landscape works, while sharing my style for the professional 40+ woman.    I have just over 12,600 followers and am on the ‘gram’ over 3 hours a day, building my network.  I’m now collaborating with brands, going to great events and even better, have made some clever, fun new friends.  It is ‘social’ media after all.

Whether you want to build a business or a profile, the InstaClinics will work for you.  We’ve had fashion designers, start-ups, social media executives, health journalists, celebrity stylists and interior designers come through the programme.  We also run in-house clinics and have trained up media publishers, PR teams and small business owners.

If you are interested in finding out more about then contact Marie Louise on

Marie Louise Pumfrey is a London based communications expert in Instagram for Business and fashion influencer @MrsMLMode.   She is a lecturer at The British School of Fashion, and a regular  speaker at Pure London (leading UK fashion trade show), The Fashion Industry and The AllBright Club.

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